15 Famous Travel Locations In Europe

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Referring to Europe, people often think of the romantic, ancient and luxurious beauty. Europe has beautiful scenes that all tourists love – from blue sea to majestic mountains, ancient architecture – modern and diverse cultural cuisine. Here are 15 popular tourist destinations in Europe and things you may not know about these places.

Top 15 most beautiful cities in Europe

Paris – France

People often ask which country is the most beautiful in Europe, if you name any other country, it is hard not to think about the beauty of France. The capital of light is the art cradle of many world famous poets and artists. Some places not to be missed are the Notre Dame Cathedral Notre Dam, Seine River, the Eiffel Tower, … Paris is also the center of the largest fashion and cuisine in Europe.

Venice – Italy

The city of Venice is formed by more than a thousand islands and thousands of interlocking canals. Venice – one of the most romantic cities in Europe is famous for its carnival in spring every year.

Barcelona – Spain

The city of Barcelona is known for its impressive Gaudi architecture, which makes the Catalunya region unique to Spain in particular and the whole of Europe in general. Besides the unique culture such as Flamenco dance, bullfighting; Spain is also a culinary paradise for travelers with paella, sangria, …

Rome – Italy

The eternal capital is always one of the most attractive destinations in Italy with the Roman arena, Trevi fountain, Spanish square, … Located in the territory of Rome is the small kingdom of Vatican.

Amsterdam – Netherlands

The city is lower than the sea level known for its canals, windmills and tulips, which are always hot destinations in Western Europe. The Netherlands is known as one of Europe’s most educated kingdoms.

Cologne – Germany

Cologne city in northern Germany is the birthplace of the famous Cologne perfume. Cologne Cathedral is the most visited church in Germany with over 6 million visitors annually

Florence – Italy

Panoramic view of the Church of Our Lady and the city of Florence from Michael Angelo Square

Santorini – Greece

One of Europe’s most romantic islands is an ideal destination for couples and families


The small city of Monaco is one of Europe’s most prosperous wealth cities

Budapest – Hungary

The small capital of Hungary is divided into two parts Buda and Pest, a combination of ancient and modern European architectural beauty.

Prague – Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the largest Vietnamese countries in Europe besides Germany. The Vietnamese in Czech are officially recognized as a ethnic group. In Prague there are many Vietnamese restaurants so you won’t have to worry about food when visiting here!

Provence – France

Visit endless lavender fields in southern France during the summer-fall of 2017.


The British capital is a multi-ethnic, food and cultural home from all over the world.


The Pisa leaning tower located in the Glass Square is one of the most visited destinations in Italy.


Peaceful Lucern with an antique wooden bridge Chapel is one of the attractive destinations in Switzerland.



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