9 ideal destinations in Europe for this summer

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Summer is always the perfect time for European journeys to discover romantic beauty.

1. Warsaw – Poland: The capital of Poland is famous as “Phoenix City” (Phoenix City) because of its revival and intense vitality after many devastations. Coming to Warsaw, visitors will immerse themselves in the romantic beauty of the ancient city wall, typical stone paved streets. Summer is a good time to visit Warsaw because of the cool atmosphere, it is ideal if you enjoy a glass of vodka and sit and watch the street or join the party of the people here. Photo: StayPoland.


2. Copenhagen – Denmark: Although the area is not too large, the Danish capital still gives visitors an interesting experience. In summer, fresh and cool air is suitable for visitors to look at the beautiful city with colorful bikes, drinking beer brewed manually in small pubs or sipping coffee from the side. seaside. Photo: GettyImages.


3. Corsica – France: Located in the sunny Mediterranean Mediterranean, the island of Corse is close to Italy but is part of France. The beauty of Corse harmonizes modern life and wild nature. The driveway between cities on Corsica is also one of the most beautiful roads along the coast, one is the blue of the sea, the other is the color of the mountains. Photo: ArchitectureIMG.com.


4. Stockholm – Sweden: Every season in Stockholm will bring each different beauty. If you want to fully explore the beauty and culture of this city, it is recommended to come in the summer, when the weather in the year is most pleasant. In summer, the daytime time here will be very long, and the night only lasts a few hours. Especially, when coming to Stockholm in the summer, visitors will be able to attend the biggest festival of the year of the Swedish – Summer Festival with many interesting activities. Photo: Time Out.


5. Endinburgh – Scotland: The capital of Scotland will be the ideal summer destination for souls who love the ancient beauty. Edinburgh city owns many old architecture from the Middle Ages, the magnificent castles are located on the hillside, the tiled streets … To Edinburgh tourists also enjoy the festive atmosphere around five places like street festivals, food festivals …  Photo: Myholidayguru.co.uk.


6. Interlaken – Switzerland: Interlaken is a place for people who are passionate about mountain-related sports. Summer here is extremely pleasant weather, suitable for outdoor physical activities such as climbing, hiking, swimming, exploring caves, sailing … To Interlaken in the summer, visitors have Take a leisurely stroll to explore this city, enjoy traditional beers and participate in folk concerts. Photo: Getty Images.



7. Lofoten Islands – Norway: Located at the northernmost point, the climate and landscape are always attractive to nature’s souls. For this reason, visitors can experience the feeling of watching the sun at night. Coming to Lofoten, you can choose to climb a mountain or kayak, so you can admire all the beauty of this land. Besides, many people come here like to ride on the roads here, providing roads connecting peaceful towns and villages. Photo: theculturemap.com.


8. Dubrovnik – Croatia: The city of Dubrovnik on the southeastern coast of Croatia is dubbed the “Jewel of the Adriatic Sea.” Dubrovnik has an ancient beauty with small squares, streets interspersed with paved alleys. bumpy brick, bright red roof tile house with Mediterranean characteristics.To Dubrovnik, visitors will also enjoy the typical dishes such as grilled grass with fragrant grass, Croatian cooked veal … Photo: GettyImages.


9. Devon – England: The beautiful land in the southwest of England is called “Fairyland”. It has houses decorated with lots of grass flowers and winding vines that create the setting as in fairy tales. In particular, this fairy-tale area also possesses a Jurassic coastline 200 km long, east of Devon and Dorset. The mild climate, natural beauty and interesting history are the ways Devon attracts tourists around the world. Photo: Telegraph.co.uk.


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