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20 fashionable destinations have simply competed for the distinguished title of Best European Destination twenty18. once a 3 weeks’ amount of on-line vote, urban center was elective  Best European Destination 2018 and won this prestigious title!

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Bilbao, Colmar, Hvar, Riga, Milan, Athens, Budapest, Lisbon, Bohinj, Prague, Kotor, Paris, Austrian capital and Amsterdam|national capital} also are among your favorite destinations for a vacation or city-trip.

We convey all the participants from touristry Offices, community managers and therefore the 320,793 voters UN agency created their alternative and influenced the result!

Discover your ranking and travel additional typically by booking your flight, edifice and your things to try to to at the most effective value.


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  1. Wroclaw



With 41,148 votes, urban center is awarded the title of European Best Destination 2018!

This lovely town, referred to as the “Polish Venice” is enclosed with canals and is dotted with over one hundred twenty bridges that link twelve extraordinary islands (among that the Cathedral island).


You will be seduced by the unimaginable charm of urban center, the marketplace “Rynek”, its 2 city Halls, the Salt marketplace, the Flower Market, the attractive University, the lined market, the fine design of the Centeniall Hall, the arboretum.

You fancy a decent lunch ? Have an opening at “Piwnica Świdnicka”: it’s the oldest edifice within the world! Walk around in “Ostrów Tumski”, the oldest a part of urban center and fall into the spell of the historical town.

Take a better look and watch rigorously : urban center is dotted with emblematic dwarves. area unit|they’re} all different! attempt to notice them all: there ar 350 of them within the town and there are new ones each year! you’ll be able to conjointly discover Worclaw by boat or in an exceedingly town tour with car.


Do not miss the chance to get the most effective of urban center, its inhabitants! they’re heat and friendly and can share their love for his or her town and its hidden gems.

Wroclaw is that the European best destination 2018!

  1. Bilbao


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With 39,845 votes, Bilbao has simply been voted runner-up destination at the highest of  travellers’ bucket list This destination is superb ; the atmosphere within the town can’t be captured by photos or words. Bilbao is ever dynamical, evolutive and hospitable the globe ; in contrast to several cities in Europe it attracts families with youngsters and grandchildren ; they relish the sweetness of the evenings and stroll through the good streets and alleys of the “Casco Viejo”, the historic centre of Bilbao.


Bilbao, like Porto and Bordeaux, (awarded best destinations in Europe in 2015 and 2017), is joined to the watercourse and therefore the ocean. The gastronomy is ok and therefore the wines delicate.


Make the foremost of your keep in Bilbao and find out its main deposits like the Guggenheim or The Bilbao Fine Arts museum and exquisite landscapes because the Rioja wine region. For lovers of property touristry we tend to advocate  the County of Goeirri with its native “Idiazabal cheese”. style the illustrious preparation of the Basque Country once a visit to Guggenheim deposit on this Guggenheim Pintxos Tour.

Bilbao is additionally enclosed by charming medieval cities like Balmaseda and Orduna. don’t miss the Basque coast, it’s solely half-hour removed from the centre.

Bilbao is that the meeting purpose of the Basque country and therefore the whole world. Book your keep in Bilbao currently likewise as your best activities like a Basque preparation lesson and revel in your keep within the Basque country. we tend to conjointly advocate town of San Sebastian; it’s concerning one hour drive from Bilbao.


  1. Colmar



With 32,185 votes Colmar has seduced you ; it’s most likely one in all the foremost charming, romantic and charming destinations in Europe! Tens of thousands of you  voted for Colmar jointly of the primary 3 destinations you’d prefer to discover this year. Colmar extremely makes travellers from everywhere the globe dream.

Some UN agency have had the possibility to go to it, recognize the “Petite Venise”, the “Quai des Poissoniers”, the neighbourhood of tanners, its design, gastronomy and  charming hotels. Colmar is ideal for young and previous and therefore the Elsass region is one in all the foremost lovely regions in Europe.

Come discover Colmar, its Toy deposit, the Unterlinden deposit with works of art from the twelfth to the sixteenth century or The sculptor deposit. Did you recognize that the illustrious creator of the sculpture of Liberty was born in Colmar? this may be another excuse for locating this lovely destination, chosen among your favorite ones in Europe!

Book your flight to city, your keep in Colmar and your best activities like a this ancient gathering Tour.


  1. Hvar Island



With 30,023 votes, Hvar has simply been voted among the most effective destinations to go to in Europe.

Hvar is perhaps the foremost lovely island in Europe. illustrious folks, topped heads, artists and travellers from everywhere the globe am fond of it and voted overpoweringly for this destination that mixes quality of life, luxurious landscapes, crystal clear waters, sun, gastronomy and cultural heritage.


Croatia could be a dream destination with cities like Zadar, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Opatija, Split and Rovinj and dream beaches just like the Zlatni Rat beach many kilometres removed from Hvar or Stiniva beach on the island of Vis.

Among the thousands of islands within the country we tend to advise you to get Hvar and its several treasures like the defense of Hvar and therefore the Franciscan cloister. For lovers of crystal clear waters, relish a sailboat tour and find out the blue cave. If you favor gastronomy you may not be foiled and can relish luxurious native wines and seasonal native product on this Hvar Wine Tour with Dalmatian Dinner. Nature lovers can love walking on the lavender fields within the village of Brusje, on the hills of Stari Grad.

Book your flight to separate, pay every day or 2 in Split, purchase your boat tickets and find out the beauties of Hvar, one in all your favorite destinations in Europe! Book your accommodation at the most effective value warranted in Hvar likewise as your best activities like a full-day sailboat cruise.


  1. Riga


With 29,456 votes, Riga, the capital of Baltic State, is for the primary time within the prime five of the trendiest destinations to go to. you may be dazzled by the unimaginable great thing about port. This town has forever been a crossroads of various cultures. town is additionally connected to nature, water and forests. you’ll not recognize that port has lovely islands, beaches and hills. Its design is gorgeous too.

Come discover excellent Baroque, Renaissance, Art Deco, style of architecture and romantic buildings. port is at the center of latest trends.

Come discover port, book your flight and edifice at the most effective value warranted likewise as your best activities like this better of port Food and Culture Walking Tour.

  1. Milan



With 27,129 votes, city joins this year once more the ranking of your favorite destinations in Europe. town has return to be selected  among the most effective European destinations for nearly ten years!

Milan has its symbols, as well as the Duomo with an excellent read to the full town. you’ll be able to buy groceries within the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery and its stylish boutiques, have a picnic in one in all the numerous and exquisite parks in city or admire the prosecuting attorney Vinci’s Passover supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church. Rememeber to book your admission before to visualize this masterpiece as from time to time queues is long and you’d not prefer to miss out on this highlight.


You can choose a absorb the Navigli space within the evening and find out the attractive canals of city, nice and reasonable restaurants or relish a night at the illustrious La Scala Theater. Stroll around, raise your method, meet the  inhabitants, hunt and find out an implausible design, you may love this town that, without doubt might have won the competition.


Book your best activities in city likewise as your edifice at the most effective value in an exceedingly dazzling and hospitable town.


  1. Athens



With 19,424 votes, Athens remains like city AN unmissable destination. it’s within the prime ten destinations each year and every one year through it attracts European travellers in search of their roots however conjointly travellers from everywhere the globe.

The city is historic and is that the cradle of European philosophy. Athens is each steeped in history and centered on modernness and tomorrow’s cultural and economic problems. Travellers love its design, the district of Plaka, monuments, gastronomy, fashionable outlets however conjointly its nightlife;  its proximity to the ocean (15 minutes removed from downtown) makes it terribly enticing too.

Most travellers appreciate the inhabitants of Athens UN agency share, heart existing, their culinary art and touristic treasures. Book your flight and edifice at the most effective value warranted likewise as your best activities in Athens like a full-day trip to Meteora by train.


  1. Budapest



With 17,745 votes, Budapest is awarded among the trendiest destinations to go to this year!


Budapest could be a excellent destination for friends, young couples or long-time lovers, lovers of history, culture, museums however conjointly nightlife looking. Creators from round the world, the best administrators however conjointly designers, musicians, ar galvanized by Budapest.


Indulge yourself and book your admission to 1 of Budapest’s most illustrious spas, the Széchenyi Spa. it’s counseled to book your admission before as in in style times it will get busy.


Those who need to treat themselves with a getaway in an exceedingly town select Budapest. it’s one in all the foremost lovely cities within the world, a town wherever the foremost illustrious monuments meet like Buda Castle, The Parliament, The Chain Bridge, Margaret Island, The Spas of Budapest, ANd an endless list of gorgeous alleys and facades, atypical outlets or bars, churches, parks.


Treat yourself to AN unforgettable  vacation by booking your flight and edifice at the most effective value warranted in Budapest likewise as original target-hunting tours.



  1. Lisbon



With 13,384 votes, Lisbon, the capital of Portuguese Republic could be a distinctive destination within the world.

Portugal these days welcomes a much bigger range of travellers than the amount of its inhabitants and it’s no coincidence: the full country is dotted with chic landscapes, unimaginable cities, dazzling design, luxurious monuments, palaces, castles, medieval villages, sandy beaches, surf beaches, beaches dedicated to idleness… Lisbon, the capital, welcomes millions of travellers each year UN agency return to get a town with a soul, a town to be discovered on foot or by eletrico.

Lisbon has been a serious destination in Europe for several years and was the primary town to be awarded “European Best Destination” in 2010. {lisbon|Lisbon|Lisboa|capital of Portuguese Republic|national capital|port} could be a destination that travellers discover or persevere discovering; it’s and can stay an excellent getaway for people who have had a crush for Portugal.


Lisbon is enclosed by tourer jewels like Sintra, Estoril, Cascais however conjointly the natural park of Arrabida and it’s solely 2 hours by train from the stunning town of Porto.

Stay four days in Lisbon and book your flight to Madeira or the Azores: you may travel from Lisbon’s Castelo Sao Jorge to the Lagoa do Fogo of Sao Miguel Island or the volcanic pool of Porto Moniz in barely many hours! Book your flight, your edifice and your best activities for a dream vacation in Portuguese Republic.


  1. Bohinj



Bohinj is hierarchic among the most effective European destinations to get this year. you’re additional and additional varied to get Slovenija, each year ; the country evokes nature, forest, lakes, legitimacy, out of doors activities and encourages you to recharge your batteries, disconnecting from routine.

This year once more you’ve got determined to put a property touristry destination in your ranking of the most effective destinations in Europe.  Bohinj is awarded by the ecu Commission for the standard of its tourer supply and respect for nature and its property touristry. it’s AN emblematic destination of the EDEN network that gathers the foremost lovely destinations of property touristry in Europe.

Enjoy the quietness of nature and therefore the everchanging landscapes. Clouds ar on top of you typically and typically you’re on top of them.

Enjoy the International pageant of Wildflowers, the Savica water, (78 meters high), style native product and revel in the sweetness of the Julian alps. return discover this destination that has simply been selected  by travellers from round the world jointly of the foremost lovely destinations in Europe.



  1. Prague

Czech Republic


Prague is once more this year within the ranking of the most effective European destinations.

Prague isn’t a hidden treasure; travellers from round the world have blue-eyed this lovely town for several years currently. It is, as to you, one in all the foremost lovely cities within the world. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization looks to trust that because the whole historical centre of Prague could be a World Heritage space.

Prague can seduce you, whether or not you’re attracted by palaces, cathedrals, castles or by Kafka UN agency has marked the history of literature. Prague {is conjointly|is additionally} a town for lovers UN agency kiss on the Charles Bridge however also an ideal town for friends UN agency love looking and strolling within the streets of Prague to get its nightlife. compose your mind soon! set up your dream trip in Prague and find out one in all the foremost lovely cities in Europe.


The city is additionally nice to admire throughout a cruise on the Vltava watercourse, passing by the historic monuments lit once dark, like Prague Castle and therefore the terpsichore House on the Rašínovo mound.

Book your flight, your edifice at the most effective value warranted and your activities like a 3-hour dinner cruise.


  1. Kotor


Kotor is that the dream destination for travellers from everywhere the globe. geographical region is authentic, distinctive and wild: the landscapes ar exciting, the cities and villages gorgeous.

Kotor is definitely the foremost lovely town within the country. each year this destination is listed by travel professionals jointly of the most effective destinations within the world. Kotor features a chic bay, a historic centre: you may love the place. Discover Kotor throughout its International Summer Carnival with its carrnival troupes from everywhere Europe or in August and revel in its illustrious “costumed boats parade” that produces the Bay of Kotor even additional lovely.

If you’re staying in Kotor this summer you’ll be able to conjointly relish the Kotor pageant of Children’s theatre or the International Fashion Show, the Sera Rock pageant, … Kotor could be a dynamic town which will please the full family. The gastronomy is ok, the landscapes ar exciting.

Kotor is that the destination to get this year!  For lovers of history, monuments, landscapes, sun, gastronomy, for lovers of travel and discovery we tend to advise you to book your flight and accommodation at the most effective value in Kotor likewise as your best activities.

One of the foremost lovely destinations in Europe is awaiting you!



  1. Paris



Paris is one in all the cities you would like to get this year. you’ve got already been many millions to own discovered the luxurious monuments, museums, however conjointly the streets, alleys, outlets of this outdoors deposit.


Paris isn’t solely a set of monuments, works of art, it’s not solely a succession of the foremost lovely museums within the world, it’s conjointly a vigorous, daring town, a town that’s obtaining greener and greener and additional and additional pleasant to remain in.

Paris is synonymous  of culture, high fashion, shopping, gastronomy. Paris conjointly has lovely parks and pedestrian quays, the Canal Saint-Martin, walks as “La Coulée verte First State Renée-Dumont” within the twelfth district or within the ‘Parc des Tuileries’.


Avoid the long queues to Paris main attractions and book your admission to in style sights, like Louvre or the Eiffeil Tower, in advance


Paris conjointly has varied luxurious hotels just like the Plaza Athénée Rue Montaigne within the eighth district or young, fashionable and reasonable ones just like the Mama Shelter.


« Your » Paris might not be the Paris of your neighbour, however withal “Paris can forever be Paris”.


Book your flight, your edifice at the most effective value warranted likewise as your activities like the Moulin Rouge Show (you are offered a glass of champagne) or a 1 day price tag to Disneyland Paris.



  1. Vienna



Vienna is without doubt one in all the favorite destinations of European travellers because it is an extra time hierarchic among the fifteen most lovely European destinations.


There ar thousands of reasons to like Vienna: its culture, monuments, palaces and music, walks , waltzes , the “Prater” a chic amusement park (open from March to October).


Vienna is AN open, tolerant and gay-friendly town. it’s a town for friends, lovers, lonely travellers, pic enthusiasts, lovers of Christmas atmospheres (do not miss sublimity Austrian capital Christmas market voted among the foremost lovely Christmas markets in Europe).


Vienna is charming, you’ll be able to visit it at any time of the year. The charm of Austrian capital forever operates as a result of there’s forever one thing to try to to and see in Austrian capital.


Book your flight at the most effective value warranted likewise as your edifice, B&B, apartment, house and your best activities like a {ticket|price tag|price price tag} for a Mozart & Strauss concert in Kursalon Austrian capital or a ticket for an enormous Ferris wheel ride.



  1. Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Amsterdam is obviously one in all your favorite destinations in Europe. This town has been attracting travellers from round the world for many years. Why is Amsterdam thus successful? Is it because of its romantic channels or its openmindedness – Amsterdam organizes one in all the most effective gay-prides in Europe – or is it thanks to its fashionable stores, innovative hotels, or {the fact|the terribly fact|the actual fact} that the country ar very hospitable and surroundings friendly people?


Amsterdam is and remains a laboratory for town of tomorrow. The country ar nice travellers too and that they knowledge to welcome you with open arms and share the beauties of their town.


Book your flight and your edifice at the most effective value warranted likewise as your best activities in Amsterdam like a visit to the Vincent van Gogh deposit or a singular Heineken expertise in an exceedingly former still.


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