Ideal lands to avoid the cold of this Lunar New Year

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Who said there was only snow and ice, the cold, cold winds, … the winter in the ideal land to avoid cold will make you fascinated and want to carry backpacks right on this holiday.



Famous for its unique ancient architecture, delicious curry, India is also an ideal destination to avoid cold if you want to “leave the winter” for a little holiday. The weather in India is quite pleasant in the winter, the climate is cool and pleasant, the average annual temperature is about 10-27 degrees.


With this ideal climate and large area and many world heritage list discoveries, clear blue lakes and majestic mountains, why don’t you visit India right away? Suggest you destinations in India such as Taj Mahal, Dal Lake, Lotus Temple in New Delhi, …

Bangkok, Thailand

Where are the fans of Thai tourism? Surely you will be very happy to hear that Thailand is also one of the ideal cold weather areas this winter . With an annual temperature of 30 degrees Celsius for 12 months, this place is always a paradise for tourists and phượt people in the world, especially in December, January this climate is very cool again. batch, there is no strong, spoiled ability to take virtual live pictures.

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As a neighboring country of Vietnam, Thailand is always on the list of top tourist destinations of Vietnamese young people, with beautiful scenic spots, rich culture and cuisine, “mesmerizing” especially You can shop as much as you want at a fairly affordable price compared to other countries in the region.


Maldives Paradise is famous for being the most visited destination every summer, but do you know this place attracts tourists even in the middle of this winter? Located in the Indian Ocean region, not only clear blue sea, white sand stretches, outdoor temperature here is also ideal at 24-33 degrees Celsius.


If you choose Maldives as a holiday destination for this New Year’s holiday, you can be a bit “crazy” to enjoy great service at the resorts here, join exciting sports like surfing. , Diving,…


Famous as one of the hottest sunny places in the summer, but in the early days of January the atmosphere in Dubai is extremely pleasant, the sun has lessened sharply, the temperature has dropped to 30 31 degrees C instead of 50 degree C as of July.

The magnificent Dubai appeared before his eyes


Come here to admire the luxury of this country with breathtaking towering buildings, the colorful Miracle Garden of Dubai natural flower gardens, underwater hotels, … Don’t forget to enjoy specialty dishes from Dubai camel or delicious camel milk.

Island of Malta

“I want to be with you in the absence of the sea”, where did you hear the humming song on the street that made you want to take each other away from the cold weather of Vietnamese winter? So why wait any longer without scheduling a trip to the beautiful island nation of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea?

One of the most ideal areas to avoid cold weather this Lunar New Year


Dubbed as the warmest land in Europe, Malta is small but always attracts many tourists because of its great climate, the sky is always green, beauty is Italian style, …

Cape Verde

Many people who hear the name will wonder: which country is it, is it worthwhile to “invest” in a trip? So the answer for you is “very worthy”. As an island nation located 570 km from the West African coast, Cape Verde is blessed with a pleasant climate, cool year-round, and one of the best natural lands in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. thought to avoid cold.


Cape Verde is for those who love exploring, there are great canyons, majestic volcanoes, deep sea visits, etc. More specifically, there is also a black sand beach near the Fogo volcano area – Cape Verde’s highest, mystical and unique, virtual living hall can be ignored?

Hawaii, USA

Referring to the ideal warm areas to avoid cold weather and the Hawaiian summer paradise is certainly a major shortcoming. It is not natural for many couples or families to choose this as the destination for a relaxing vacation, especially this Lunar New Year.

A beautiful vacation in Hawaii, why not?


Beautiful coastline stretches around small islands, soft sunlight, romantic scenery captivating people, the temperature in Hawaii at this time is only about 28-32 degrees.

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