The 15 most beautiful destinations in Europe in the spring

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Bergamo, Italy


Bergamo is one of the most famous European tourist destinations in the spring. Come to this beautiful Italian city at the end of spring to make sure all attractions are open and you can still avoid the crowds of the end of the year. And with one of the largest international airports in Italy takes only half an hour to reach the city center of Bergamo.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


There is only one word for Amsterdam in the spring, which is “tulips”. Amsterdam is always worth visiting, especially around April when the city’s iconic flower is blooming. In addition, come to Amsterdam in the spring to visit the city with fewer tourists and enjoy the beauty of the canals surrounded by greenery.

Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt’s Fairytale town in Austria is as beautiful as coming out of a dream. This is the perfect destination at any time of the year. However, according to many European travel experiences , this city really comes alive in the spring when cherry blossoms are blooming and the glass mirror mirror reflects the whole scene. Get your camera and imaging device ready to keep all the best scenes you can see.

Paros, Greece

The Greek islands are always worth visiting and Paros is no exception. With great history and cuisine, along with the horizon filled with the endless space of the ocean, this Greek island is the most visited visitors of the year, and before the hot summer. Arrive in Paros in late spring to experience a warm sea to swim and lots of beautiful greenery in the setting of a Greek paradise.

Stockholm, Sweden


After a mild winter, the spring in Stockholm Sweden is a welcome holiday from harsh weather and colder months. To see the spring flower gardens blooming in the capital of Sweden, you book a European tour to this city from April onwards. Stockholm highlights include Bergius Botanical Garden, bike paths and walking trails.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Located on the edge of Lac Lemond, Lausanne is a beautiful city of Switzerland famous for its participation in the Winter Olympics. Head to the city center, and you’ll find the best examples of Swiss Gothic architecture in the form of Lausanne Cathedral, many unique museums and stunning views of the snow-covered Alps. area.

London, United Kingdom


The weather in England’s capital is not always beautiful, but spring is still the best time to visit London. Wandering in the area in the city always gives you a great experience, especially, the parks here are blooming throughout the spring. In addition, European tourists traveling to London on their own in the spring will save quite a bit of accommodation and sightseeing expenses, because at this time all costs are cheaper than the summer.

Dublin, Ireland


If you’re looking for a vacation in a beautiful and culturally rich city, go to Dublin in the spring. These days the weather is sunny, you will find a bustling city with interesting activities, such as St. Patrick’s Day festival, music festival with the name of ‘MusicTown’, and many literary festivals Other goods to enjoy literature, dance, and flower events.

Dusseldorf, Germany


Fields of daffodils, spring flowers and lots of green spaces in Düsseldorf promise to give you a perfect holiday for those who want to experience nature in the city. Cherry blossoms are everywhere and “the longest bar in the world” allows you to experience the noisy atmosphere here. Travel to Europe 2018 go to the Kaiserswerth – one of Duesseldorf’s museums and see the ruins of the castle, if you want to learn more about small culture.

Porto, Portugal


Porto’s beautiful coastal city has moderate temperatures all year round, which means it helps a full week of travel in any season of the year. However, with spring in Porto, the climate is warmer and drier in winter, as well as fewer tourists in the summer. Spring is also a longer day, meaning shops across the city are open and ready to welcome visitors.

Seville, Spain


If you are wondering what European travel should be , visit Spain. This nation’s Seville city is one of the best spring destinations in Europe and is guaranteed a good weather. Filled with Roman ruins, beautiful architecture and many Spanish dishes, you cannot be satisfied when going to the vibrant city ASAP. And in April, Feria de Abril was held; This is a perfect spring festival for those who want to experience Spanish culture at a deeper level.

Paris, France


Visit the city of love in the spring and you can expect to find cherry blossoms and other flowering plants near every corner. Among the best spring destinations in Europe on this list Paris may be my favorite (and not only because I’m really there!) While ‘Paris is always a good idea’ Regardless of the season, there’s no denying that it’s much easier to access the city’s best attractions with less tourists around.

Copenhagen, Denmark


The city of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has long been famous for its Little Mermaid Statue, beautiful architecture and colorful views. European travel to Copenhagen in the spring to experience flea markets, food stalls, and more cherry blossoms than you wish.


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