Beautiful areas for people who want to “detox” technology

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Don’t cling to the smartphone or the computer. Please turn them off and forget the email, facebook and even zalo to find yourself a peaceful space in the beautiful land, without the existence of this technology!


Perito Moreno Glacier – Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier is located in Argentina’s Patagonia with a length of 5,000 meters and a height of 170 meters. Day by day, the size of this river is about 2m longer. The majestic scenery and huge blocks of ice in the river will surely overwhelm you and “throw” the phone right away to immerse yourself in that immense world.

Come to see the majestic scenery

Ladakh – India

Known as the “land of mountains”, Ladakh is famous for its majestic mountain scenery along with its unique indigenous culture, not only “crazy” feet but also “addicted” believers. Technology is also easy to be enchanted. Look here if you’re really tired and want to enjoy the fresh air.

Enjoy the great atmosphere in Ladakh

Kaieteur Waterfall – Guyana

Many people may be surprised that the Niagara Falls in Canada will now be surprised with Kaieteur Falls, with a height of 226 m 4 times higher than Niagara. This is really an ideal destination for tourists to rest, temporarily take care of all worries and burdens of life to have relaxing moments between mountains and nature.

Come to the waterfall to stay all the burden


Svalbard Islands – Norway

Do you like polar bears? If so, please go to Svalbard Islands. There are many beautiful white bears here, even more than the number of residents. Instead of immersing yourself in the virtual world, go along, play with wild animals and admire the beautiful aurora spectacle.

The land of beautiful polar bears

Socotra Island – Yemen

Being immersed in the natural world is the most effective way to dispel fatigue. Located in the Indian Ocean, Socotra island is famous for exotic plants such as pomegranate, bloody. In addition, some of the locations here are exactly the same as in fairyland movies, it is worth checking-in.

Immerse yourself in the natural world on the island


Pitcairn Islands – Pacific Ocean

This is the settled territory of 50 inhabitants of Polynesia, the people here are all descendants of Polynesians. You should devote your entire time, separate from the modern technology world to explore this island, discover the local, rustic, rustic, local life, not bad at all.

Come and experience with indigenous people


Gobi Desert – Mongolia and China

Located between Mongolia and China, the Gobi desert – which has a very harsh climate but is an ideal destination for those who like challenges and want to find a place that can help you escape the world “Virtual”. You can come here and experience nomadic life like the indigenous people, forget the phone is very troublesome.

Desert is the place for you to escape the virtual world


Ittoqqortoormiit Village – Denmark

The village of the Greenland Islands, located separately from the modern world is a suitable destination if you want to “detox” technology. However, only a few trains a year bring tourists to visit Ittoqqortoormiit, other days require you to go by helicopter if you really want to set foot on this land.

The village is really a destination for anyone who wants to leave the modern world


Cape York Peninsula – Australia

As a destination to attract tourists is not located in the modern, crowded but peaceful space, fresh air, cool makes many people enjoy. Here you can find both rainforests and savannahs with countless other animals like cockatoo, python, …

Too peaceful, still


Sometimes after the trip to these lands, you not only reduce stress but also “depend on” the things that make you more and more distant from the outside world. So, please put it all on, take your backpack and travel!


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