Black Mirror Vs Nightmare World & Heroes in Crisis #4 Review | The Comics Pals Episode 115

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The Pals step into the New Year with their hottest takes on all the latest news in comics, including Dirk Manning's claim that a story in his Nightmare World series was ripped off within the new Black Mirror 'Bandersnatch' episode, news about The Batman film, a strange conspiracy involving Tom King, and much more!

00:07:24 - Listener Mail

00:17:07 - Pals Pulls:

Cale - Young Justice #1, Go Go Power Rangers #16

Marco - Shade the Changing Woman TPB, Turok #1

Phil - Green Lantern #3 / Martian Manhunter #2

Sean - Criminal #1, Young Justice #1


00:26:37 - Dirk Manning Alleges Black Mirror Ripped it's Bandersnatch Episode Concept From His Work:…4ETEATa6rBSE-M

00:41:58 - McElroy's to Write for Marvel War of the Realms Event:…rney-into-mystery/

00:48:39 - The Batman to Shoot in November:…ction-matt-reeves/

00:55:14 - James Wan Talks Swamp Thing:…jQm5g12afJWHFpmEqeI

01:00:29 - Ruby Rose Led Batwoman Show Greenlit:…G23MJnJ1SNSY

01:10:24 - Tom King Faces Allegations he Fabricated CIA Past:…that-he-lied-abou/

01:22:31 - Touching Tribute to Stan Lee Released by DC:…ee-tribute-comics/

01:22:31 - Main Topic:

Heroes in Crisis #4 Review!

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