Breaking News - I saw myself in the mirror and looked terrible: McCoist on management

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Towards the end of his three years in charge of Rangers, Ally McCoist was forced to confront the quid pro quo of modern management. In return for a large salary and a status as public property, the men who pick football teams can expect to acquire stress lines, high blood pressure, bags under the eyes and grey hair. Assuming they last long enough. ‘I remember my missus saying to me: “Come here you, have a look at yourself in that mirror”,’ said McCoist on Tuesday, before adding with a grin: ‘Normally, I’m quite good at doing that. And she’ll tell me when I’ve been standing there half an hour... ‘But I looked at myself in all seriousness and thought: “Jesus, that’s not right”. That’s what happens in the management game now. ‘This must have happened just before I left Rangers and, honestly, I just looked and thought: “That’s not right”. ‘It was definitely all taking its toll on me. I wasn’t feeling great, I wasn’t sleeping at all. ‘And that goes with the territory of being a football manager these days — particularly at the Old Firm, I would have thought.’ On a number of factors, McCoist could count himself fortunate. In return for three years of stress, grief and Charles Green, he earned a salary managers like Kenny Miller and Alan Stubbs could only dream of. Former Ibrox striker Miller lasted just two league games before leaving Livingston. Stubbs — a Scottish Cup winner with Hibernian — was sacked by St Mirren on Monday after only four. A resident of a leafy Renfrewshire village, there are aspects of managing St Mirren which would suit the former Ibrox boss fine. He lives half an hour from the Ralston training ground. In theory, there would be few of the bizarre circumstances which led to a reality check in a bedroom mirror. Enjoying life as a BT Sport and TalkSPORT pundit, however, the 55-year-old offers a blunt admission. The view from a broadcasting gantry feels a good deal safer than that facing the next manager of St Mirren or Livingston. Taking sanctuary on higher ground, he can’t say for sure now that he’ll ever manage another football team. Linked with the Paisley job last summer, he joked: ‘They’ve offered me a month’s contract... I’m going to speak to them about it. I mean, seriously, what’s going on? ‘If ever there was a reason not to go back into management, then you’ve just given it to me. ‘It’s my local club and I’m the only one who can get away with floating between Paisley and Morton. ‘I go to St Mirren, I get stick from Morton and, when I go to Morton, I get stick from St Mirren. ‘But it’s just madness these days. It’s so difficult when you look at what happened to Stubbsy. What was it? Four league games? ‘I don’t know, but it just seems to me there is a lack of realism in the expectation levels throughout clubs in general. ‘Kenny Miller got even less time and we’ve now lost two Premiership managers with six league games between them. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and ponder that.’ Guiding Rangers fr

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