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#TheGuardianNigeriaNewspaperNigeria, #WorldNewsOpinion—TheGuardianNigeriaNewspaper–Nigeria Ajustification for an inevitable return of President Muhammadu Buhari to Aso Rock in 2019 has not unexpectedly accompanied the frenetic campaigns in some quarters.The president’s political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the leaders of his government reel off the epochal achievements that have validated an end to the citizens’ serial negation of his quest to occupy the presidential office.For them, these achievements redound to the bid for his return as a means of completing the good governance he has espoused and enthroned.And more importantly, they want the citizens to appropriate a campaign for his return as serving a purgatorial purpose – a way of discharging their obligation of gratitude to him for bringing uncommon integrity to bear on governance.Yet, these people lack the right credentials to proselytise the suitability of Buhari for re-election.Their fold lacks that authentic voice to signal the readiness of Buhari for the 2019 election.That voice is needed to tell us if Buhari has done well in the past three years and some months.Or what accounts for the misses and near-misses and the circumstances that must be guarded against for their recurrence.That voice is that of the First Lady Aisha Buhari.Just a little over a year after Buhari assumed office, it was Aisha who alerted us in October 2016 to the very remote possibility of the president delivering good governance .In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in October, 2016, she told us how a cabal that did not enjoy the public’s support was the one that was in charge of Aso Rock and not her husband.This cabal, according to her, determined who should be appointed into government.Such appointees neither shared the vision of her husband nor did they help him in his quest for the presidency.In essence, those who would have helped the president to translate his dreams into reality were marginalised by the cabal.She threatened that she would never mobilise women to campaign for Buhari if this trajectory of deviation from Buhari’s vision by the cabal went on unchecked .Since then, Aisha has assumed the role of the conscience of the Buhari government.All the officials of the Buhari government and his party would express their readiness to disown their mothers in order to prove that Buhari and his government’s integrity is unassailable.They would insist that Buhari has so much turned the nation into a developmental hub that Nigerian citizens overseas are now restless with the nostalgia for home.Not even in the health sector do they see the depredations of neglect by the Buhari government.Not even when the president repeatedly goes abroad for his medical treatment.But Aisha has expo

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