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They based their inquiry in terms of poverty, cost of living and opportunities to progress and development, saying it is necessary to provide answers to the questions so as to make informed choices during the 2019 presidential election.Although the leaders were mostly PDP faithful and their fellow Yoruba sympathizers, it was obvious that they believe their zone has experienced more challenges, just as it has equally been pulled backwards in terms of socio-economic progress under the Buhari administration, contrary to what it was during the 16 year reign of PDP.The leaders therefore urged Yoruba people to opt for any candidate that promised restructuring, particularly former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, as the only way the present quagmire facing the ethnic group can be resolve.    While the leaders flayed the incumbent administration for running a government based on ethnic agenda and sentiment and its failure in providing necessary security since 2015, they also concluded that the coming election is a big opportunity for the region to rescue itself by voting right.      Speaking one after the other at a well-attended Southwest forum colloquium tagged: ‘South West: Yesterday, Today and the Challenges of 2019’ and organised by former Deputy National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George, the leaders lamented the prevalent rate of poverty, insecurity and other socio-economic vices in the country, which they said are fast dragging Nigeria to the precipice.   In his remark, Second Republic Senator of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Prof.Seth Akintoye said the present generation of Yoruba people have a responsibility to preserve the dignity of the black race, just as he raised the alarm that Yoruba culture and civilization are endangered.According to him, “Many may not think or feel so, but Yoruba civilization is endangered.It is endangered to the extent that the country to which we belong is endangered.It is not part of Yoruba to surrender to failure or poverty but at present we are going though a degree of poverty, hopelessness and failure that we have never seen before.The onus is on us to fight until we achieve success and overcome.” While the duo emphasised on the unity of Yoruba race, they said Nigerians must reject the poverty syndrome, which the ruing All Progressives Congress (APC) has been distributing across the country since 2015      Babatope on his part called on Yoruba people to ensure that Atiku defeats Buhari in 2019, while Okunrohunmu called for the rejection of those trying to sell Yoruba nation cheap because of selfish gains.   Former Deputy Governor of Osun State, Mrs.Erelu Olusola Obada, questioned the benefits the juicy ministerial appointments conceded to Yoruba nation under Buhari’s government when the region is currently experiencing the type of poverty and threat to its communities unlike before? She said Yoruba land has been hoplesly plundered under Buhari, and the only way o

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