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The Telegraph (Calcutta)

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The Telegraph is an Indian English daily newspaper founded and continuously published in Kolkata since 7 July 1982. It is published by the ABP Group and the newspaper competes with The Times of India. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, it has a circulation of 466,001 copies as of Jul-Dec 2016. The newspaper is the fifth most-widely read English newspaper in India as per Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2014.The Telegraph has five editions Calcutta, South Bengal, North Bengal, Northeast edition (Guwahati split), Jharkhand edition (Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and Ranchi splits), Patna and Bhubaneshwar.

The Telegraph has shut down its printing in Bhubaneshwar & Patna Editions wef from 14th Dec' 2018.

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